UCI Referral Rewards Program

UCI Referral
Rewards Program

We want to reward YOU for referring business our way!

Our Referral Rewards Program earns you
1 %

of the TOTAL net sale when you refer UCI!

It's that simple!

How does it Work?

Easy! Contact us via e-mail at info@unified-comm.com with your referral’s contact information. Be sure to include the following:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Company’s Name
  • Your Contact Information (email, phone #, extension, etc)
  • The Referral’s Full Name (if you have it)
  • The Referral’s Company Name
  • Referral’s Contact information
  • What They Need (phone systems, surveillance cameras, cabling, relocation services, remote location set-up etc.)

Once the sale is made YOU will get paid!

Who/what makes a good Referral?

Below are some examples on how to spot a good referral opportunity:

  • You are waiting to be seated at a restaurant and hear the host calling out for the next party instead of receiving a text that your table is ready.
  • You’re ordering room service in your hotel and notice how old the phone is.
  • Your doctor’s office has multiple locations, and when you call you get their VM or they have spotty-reception.
  • You notice a new gym/retail store/dealership/etc. is moving in or being built.
  • You live in an area that experiences inclement weather often and notice a business has temporarily closed due to the poor weather.
  • Your favorite clothing/record/grocery store, auto shop, gym, etc. is adding another location.
  • There was an unfortunate break-in and the business did not have cameras.

Simply email us the name and location of the opportunity and we will do the rest!