Fees Waived for COVID-19 Related Programming Changes.

UCI cares deeply for our customers and has for over 30 years. Because of the Coronavirus and the rapid domino-effect it’s had on all industries, we are waiving all remote-programming fees related to CV.

This includes:
– Call forwarding 
– Updating/changing your greetings
– Assistance with remote office set-up
– Customer-specific programming needs

Please email support@unified-comm.com to open a ticket.

*If you are submitting a ticket for call forwarding or a greeting change, please include the number(s) you’d like your calls forwarded to and the script you’d like us to record for your greeting.

This is imperative to making sure your requests are handled in as timely a manner as possible. *

In addition, both NEC and Star2Star are offering deep discounts to help set up your remote office. We are able to respond rapidly to any requests you may have regarding this.

We thank you for choosing UCI during these difficult times. We are all in this together and need to support each other through this difficulty.  We feel that this was the least UCI could do to show our commitment and appreciation to our loyal customers!

Please stay safe and healthy.